11 Cute Ways To Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

Ways To Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

If you’re like me then you’re probably one of those people that is forever scrolling through Pinterest staring longingly at the beautiful home interior images, just wishing that you weren’t saving for a house so you could spend all of your money in Ikea instead. Yep, that’s me! Well it was, up until last week when I found out that there are ways to update your bedroom on a budget.

Thanks to these tips, our bedroom is looking super cute and fresh at the moment and I only spent just over £60 to update it. You can use some of these principles in other rooms too if you fancy updating more than just your bedroom.

11 Cute Ways To Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

Cushion covers

No bedroom is complete without a mountain of cushions and pillows, but unfortunately cushion covers can get worn over time and start to look a little scruffy. If you’re looking to freshen up your bedroom for less then buying new cushion covers is by far one of the cheapest things you can do. I switched our old grey cushion covers for some blush pink ones for £5.99 each and it’s really brightened up the room.

New bedsheets

I’m a recent fan of the whole ‘plain white bedsheets’ look and I am absolutely loving it! It’s like staying in a hotel room every night the week, although I am disappointed there isn’t a chocolate mint on my pillow when I go to bed…

Buying new bedding is a great way to update your bedroom on a budget and keep things fresh.

Switch up your knick-knacks

Every few months or so I’ll take a look at the candles, ornaments and picture frames that are in our house and I’ll completely switch them up. Sometimes it just means moving them from one surface to another, other times I’ll move them into a completely different room and totally restyle my surfaces. It’s free to do and it will give your rooms a new lease of life. If you’ve got a little spare cash then buying a couple of new bits and pieces such as candles will go along way too.

Buy a lamp

There’s nothing like a nice lamp for adding some mood lighting to your bedroom. If you don’t have one already, consider getting a small lamp for your bedside table or maybe a floor lamp for the corner of the room. These days you can pick up decent lamps from £10 depending on what you’re looking for.

Reorganise your furniture

Bored of your bedroom? Start moving stuff around! We reorganised our bedroom a few months back when we got some new bedroom furniture and it’s like a completely different room now. You don’t need new furniture for this to work either, sometimes  reorganising your existing things is enough to make your bedroom feel new.

Throws and blankets

Buy some cute blankets and throws for your bed to make your bedroom even cosier! You could even buy an extra one to go in a basket in the corner (Scandinavian style) for when it’s a cold night.

Pick a new colour scheme

Buying new cushion covers, bedding and blankets is all well and good but before you buy anything you should probably pick a colour scheme. Grey and pink is very on trend at the moment, take a look at Pinterest if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Buy some wall prints

There are so many cool wall prints out there at the moment that it would be rude not to find a couple for your bedroom wall. Adding pictures to a wall really brings a room together and makes it feel more homely. There are some adorable prints on Etsy.


Sometimes a simple (or not so simple) clear out is all you need to bring a room back to life. Bedrooms have a tendency to collect clutter because it’s where we keep most of our personal belongings. Spend an afternoon decluttering your wardrobe, draws and under your bed.

Plants plants plants

If you’re looking for ways to update your bedroom on a budget then buying plants is the way to go. I’m a sucker for cute cacti and succulents and I think they add so much character to a room for an unbelievably low cost. You could put a trio of mini succulents on your bedside table or some flowers on your windowsill.

Create a reading/cosy corner

This one isn’t possible for everyone as it depends on the layout of the room and whether you have some extra money to spend, but if you already have a bean bag or an armchair in your room then it’s totally realistic to add a cosy corner to your bedroom for a minimal cost. Stack up your favourite books and set up a lamp. Oh, and don’t forget blankets!

Have you updated any rooms on a budget? Leave your comment below!

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