19 Things Your Cat Probably Does If He’s More Dog Than Cat

19 Things Your Cat Probably Does If He’s More Dog Than Cat
My cat was definitely meant to be a dog. Tom still can’t believe just how canine he is and to be honest I can’t either. I’ve heard a few people say the same about their own cats too, so I thought I’d compile this fun list for a bit of light Sunday morning reading.


  1. He greets you at the door when you get home from a long day at work
  2. He actually sleeps in his pet bed
  3. He carries his favourite toy around in his mouth and growls if you try to take it from him
  4. He understands certain words (my cat Malley knows the word ‘spider’ and whenever I say the word his eyes instantly start to dart around trying to find it)
  5. He gets excitable when you put music on
  6. He responds to commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘lie down’
  7. He watches the television
  8. He actually comes to you when you call his name
  9. He drinks from the toilet!
  10. And from the tap…
  11. He follows you around the house like a lost puppy
  12. He’s needy and begs for attention. All. The. Damn. Time.
  13. He plays with shoes
  14. He licks your face and nuzzles your ear
  15. He loves a belly rub (100 bonus dog points if your cat likes this)
  16. He plays fetch
  17. He hates other cats
  18. He begs at the dinner table
  19. He just loves to be with you

Malley does pretty much all of these with the exception of the belly rub. I wouldn’t dare try to tickle his belly for fear of losing my hand!

Did I miss anything off? 🙂

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