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4 Ways To Save Serious Money On Your Weekly Food Shop

One of the worst things about being an adult (yuck!) has to be spending your hard earned cash on food and other necessities instead of things you actually want. Like going out and treating yourself. Especially when it seems like the cost of living just keeps going up and up. However over the last couple of years I feel like I’ve near enough perfected the art of saving money when it comes to my weekly food shop. Give these tips a go and see if you can too.


Do your main shop at a discount supermarket
It sounds like an obvious one but there are still people out there that don’t make the most out of their local Lidl or Aldi store. The savings you can make by doing your weekly food shop at one of these stores is unbelievable (and slightly addictive). Since I started shopping at Lidl whenever I go to one of the bigger supermarkets like Sainsburys I feel like I’ve been robbed blind! The quality at Lidl and Aldi is really good too. It’s not all good news though because there are the odd things you just can’t get hold of in these stores. So you might need to make a trip to one of the bigger supermarkets occasionally.

Plan your meals for the week on a Sunday before you go to the shop
Everyone knows the importance of planning, the same goes here. I take the time on a Sunday morning to roughly figure out what we’ll be eating over the next 5 days (more on why I only buy food for 5 days a little later). Like most people, I have some go-to meals that I make almost every week, but when I’m in need of some inspiration or just fancy something different I will browse through Pinterest for some new recipes. I tend to search for things like ‘cheap easy dinners’ if I really want to cut costs. Once I know what we’re eating for the week I write up my shopping list and head off down to Lidl.
Have one or two ‘beans on toast’ days per week
This is a really effective way of saving money on your weekly shop. It’s something I’ve only recently started doing but I’ve noticed it saves me about £10 on my food bill so it’s definitely something I’ll be doing on a regular basis when I’m trying to save! All you need to do is replace one or two evening meals per week with beans on toast or something else super cheap.
Only buy 5 days worth of food
Most people won’t eat their evening meal at home every single day of the week, especially on a weekend. You might go out to eat or have dinner at a friend’s or family members for example and you might also choose to have a takeaway. These things throw a spanner in the works when it comes to meal planning and buying a full weeks worth of food, as you’ll probably find yourself chucking food away that goes bad. Rather than throw it in the bin you’re better off just not buying it in the first place. I tend to plan and buy meals for Monday to Friday only and leave the weekends free (with the exception of breakfast and lunches which are usually pretty cheap to buy any way).These are all really great tips to try if you’re on a tight budget, want to minimise the amount of food you throw away, or if you just want to hold on to a little more of your cash every month. Give it a go!

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