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5 Things You Should Always Say In An Interview

Lets be honest, interviews are a big deal. It’s your one chance to shine and sell yourself to your potential employer. You want your interview to scream ‘HIRE ME’ and as we all know, first impressions are everything. So apart from the obvious and demonstrating your relevant knowledge and experience, what are the key things you need to remember to say in an interview?

1. You’ve done your research
This is probably one of the biggest. Telling your interviewers what you know about their business and the industry they are in is essential. It will show them that you have a genuine interest in the company and they will be impressed that you’ve spent your own time researching them prior to your interview. Any employer will expect you to prepare for questions around their business and what they do so forgetting to do your research is a big no-no.

2. You’re eager to learn
Whether you’re applying to be an administrator or on the board of directors, nobody wants to hear you say in an interview that you just want to do your job and go home. It’s important that you show your enthusiasm for learning and developing your skills, it shows that you have thought about what the position will mean for your career and that you have a professional plan for the future.
3. You’re flexible
It is very imporant to be flexible these days. Gone are the days where your start, lunch and finish times are set in stone and your duties go no further than your job spec. Employers expect more now, and they will certainly reward you for it too. Whilst you’re in your interview, it’s worth touching on the fact that you’re flexible and happy to take on any extra duties to help the department when needed. Your interviewer will immediately see you as more employable as you will be showing them how easy you are to work with and that you are less likely to cause any conflict.
4. You’re motivated
Whilst you’re prearing for your interview, have a think about what motivates you. Is it career progression, earning more money or achieving your goals? It’s ok to relate whatever motivates you back to your personal life a little eg. you would love to take the next step in your career so that you can save to buy a house in the next couple of years, but it’s important to make sure that it is mainly focused around your professional life and what your long term career goals are. Telling your potential employer that money motivates you because you like to go shopping every weekend would not be so impressive (but who doesn’t?!).
5. You’re excited to do the job
It’s so important to show excitement and enthusiasm during your interview, especially when discussing the position and what it entails. Make sure to refer to the job spec and explain to your interviewer why you would be great at the job and how excited you would be to join their team and help the business grow. You’ll help your potential employer visualise you as part of their team and businesses are always looking for employees with a passion for what they do.

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