7 Fitness Hacks Every Girl Should Know

7 Fitness Hacks All Girls Should Know

It’s always a good idea to keep fit and workout in your spare time. It makes you feel good, keeps unwanted body fat at bay and has mood boosting benefits – whats not to love? The trouble is setting up and sticking to a workout routine is far easier said than done. You know what it’s like, your alarm goes off for your 6am run and it’s too easy to press that snooze button! That’s why I’ve put together some no-nonesense fitness hacks to help you get the most out of your next workouts.

Plan in advance

Lets start with the most important. If you don’t plan in advance what you’ll be doing during your workout then you’ll find it extremely hard to stay motivated, meaning you’ll be more likely to give up halfway through. Think about the workouts you’d like to do for the week ahead on a Sunday evening and write it down in a notebook or planner. You should include specifics such as how many circuits or sets you’ll be doing, of what exercise and how long for.

Get your diet right

I find that if my diet hasn’t been particularly healthy during the day then my evening workout routine suffers. If you’re stuffed on carbs and sugar you’ll struggle to find the energy and enthusiasm for a 30 minute weight training session or a 5k run. Stick to a high protein diet and make sure you’re getting enough nutrients from veggies and the occasional piece of fruit. If you’re sensitive to bloating when you eat bread then try to steer clear of this too.

Keep it short

Gone are the days of hour long gym sessions. These days it’s all about short, gruelling workouts that are guaranteed to make you sweat such as HIIT and resistance/weight training routines. These kinds of workouts have been proven to be more beneficial for fat loss and burning calories than spending an hour on the treadmill. Check out one of Joe Wick’s HIIT workouts on YouTube, they’re tough be extremely good for you!

Stay hydrated

You probably already know how important it is to stay hydrated. Not only does it stop headaches, it enables your body to be more efficient at burning fat. Keep a water bottle by your side at all times and try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Your body with thank you and workouts will be less stressful.

Wear workout clothes (even at home)

Even if you don’t workout at the gym, you should definitely make the effort to put on workout gear. I’ve worked out in my PJ’s a few times and let me tell you, I was nowhere near as motived as I would have been had I spent that extra time putting some proper gear on. It’s all in the mind, but it really works.

Buddy up

Plan your workout routine with your boyfriend or a girl pal and make sure you both stick to it. You can encourage each other and keep each other motivated when you feel like throwing in the towel. You can find ways to make it fun so that you get the most out of your workout.

Buy some resistance bands

I bought some mini resistance bands about a month ago and they have completely transformed my workouts. They’re versatile and can be used for exercises all over the body. They’re particularly good for leg sessions as when used correctly the bands can ‘wake up’ sleeping muscles such as the glutes which would otherwise be under-worked. You can buy yourself a full set of ¬†resistance bands for just ¬£9.95 here.

What do you think of these fitness hacks? Do they work for you? Comment below!

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