6 Freezer Hacks That Are Pure Genius

6 Freezer Hacks That Are Pure Genius

Up until about a month ago, we’d been living for 2 years without a freezer. We had put up with having a small under the counter fridge with a tiny freezer box that didn’t work for most of that time (which was fine until we realised just how much perfectly good food we were throwing out!). That’s when we decided to bite the bullet and finally buy ourselves a freezer, and now that we have it I can’t see how we ever lived without one! Although, having a big ol’ freezer does take some organisation skills if you want to get the best out of it. But don’t worry, you can say goodbye to food waste and organise your freezer better with these awesome freezer hacks that will save you time and a little money too.

6 Freezer Hacks That Are Pure Genius

Use storage boxes and label everything

Freezer Hacks Label Everything

Image source: Time With Thea

By storing items in clear storage boxes and labelling them you’ll easily be able to see whats in your freezer, meaning you won’t have to rummage around trying to find stuff. It’s also a good idea to wrap meat in freezer paper to protect it.

You can buy freezer storage boxes here and freezer paper here.

Magazine rack shelving


Freezer Hacks Shelves Magazine Racks

Image source: Aunt Peaches

I love this idea. By laying a couple of magazine racks on their side you can create an instant shelving system in your freezer with minimal effort or cost.

Say goodbye to packaging

Remove the outer-packaging wherever possible to save tons of space in your freezer. I tend to remove everything from it’s packaging completely and reseal the food in labled freezer bags, it makes huge difference in space.

Keep a freezer inventory

Freezer Hacks Inventory

Image source: The Happier Homemaker

This one requires a little effort but it’s worth doing if you have a freezer full of food. Create a freezer inventory by making a note of everything that’s in your freezer, of what quantity and when it was purchased. It will help you keep tabs on what’s available to you and allow you to rotate food more easily.

Freeze food flat

Freezer Hacks Flatten Everything

Image source: Hopeful Homemaker

Buy some freezer bags, fill with soups, stews and mince meat and gently flatten before freezing. Make sure they lay flat in the freezer at first then once frozen into position you can organise into a storage box to save space.

You can buy resealable freezer bags here.

Binder clips for storing frozen veg

Freezer Hacks Binder Clips Frozen

Image source: Melinda Massie

This is a great way to store all those opened bags of frozen veg that have a habit of spilling everywhere. If you have an upright freezer use binder clips to secure bags of veg the the above shelf. Just make sure the bags are tightly rolled up to save space and avoid mess.

What do you do think to these freezer hacks? Leave a comment below!

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