Burger Date

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone has had a lovely week.

Tom and I have been super healthy and good with food all week but decided to treat ourselves to dinner and drinks last night. We took a taxi into Derby and stopped at a couple of nice bars before heading for our dinner reservation at Hide Burger Bar. It was nice to have some drinks just the two of us because its something we hadn’t done for a while. I stuck to my usual gin and slimline tonic and Tom had spiced rum with ginger beer. Neither of us had thought to mix rum with ginger beer before and we were taken back by how good it tasted! The spice in the ginger beer really complimented the rum.

We visited a bar called The Dog & Moon in Sadler Gate that we stumbled across on our way to the restaurant. It was super cosy inside and the decor was totally our style! There’s something about pubs and bars with a gorgeous interior and a bit of character, and it’s even better when you stumble across them when you’re not expecting it.

The Dog & Moon Derby

After a few bevvies we walked to Hide Burger Bar. We’d never been before and had booked a table based on the reviews I’d seen on Trip Advisor earlier in the week. Plus, the menu looked pretty reasonably priced and we didn’t want to spend too much. I opted for a cocktail when we first arrived but quickly wished I hadn’t! I was feeling adventurous and chose a cocktail with bourbon in it – and I don’t even like bourbon! It was so strong I couldn’t drink it at all. Luckily the waitress let me swap it for one of their craft beers at no extra charge. Pretty cool I thought, considering it was totally my fault for ordering something I probably wouldn’t like.

Hide Burger Bar Derby

We both ordered the Hide Burger which is a 6oz bison pattie with beef rarebit, crispy onions and bacon (and some other stuff). and we had some beer-battered onion rings and fried halloumi with garlic dip on the side, too. It was amazing but I think we ~possibly~ ordered too much food. We couldn’t even touch the onion rings we were so full! I’d definitely go back, the burgers were just incredible and the fries on the side were some of the best I’ve ever had. Not to mention the halloumi! I am a sucker for a good burger place!

What has everyone else been up to this weekend?

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