Going Self-Titled

For those of you that have been here before, you might be wondering where 24 Thoughts has gone. The short answer is – nowhere! However, I am making a few changes around here *shakes finger*

Let me explain.

Apart from the name and URL change, the blog is pretty much exactly the same as it was. It’s essentially the same blog, but I am having a little re-brand whilst I still can without it affecting too much. I’ve decided to go self-titled, basically because I feel that after a good few months of blogging on a regular basis I don’t feel like things have gone in the direction I was hoping. I know what you’re thinking, how will a new name change that? The truth is on its own it won’t, but this marks the start of me developing a consistent brand for my blog. I was brainstorming ideas the other night and I just thought, why not use my name to achieve that? It’s certainly unique enough and hopefully it will stick in yours and future reader’s minds more than ’24 Thoughts’ ever would.

Going Self Titled Blog

Secondly, as I’ve mentioned before I am working towards future goals of doing a little freelance writing. It’s not easy and will undoubtedly take a lot of hard work, but what better way to get my name out there than use my name as my blog title – especially as my audience grows.

That’s all from me tonight, I just wanted to update you all with what’s happening! I have some really big plans for this blog and I just hope I can make it work 🙂

Have a lovely evening!

Layke x

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