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How To Improve The Condition Of Your Hair

I dragged myself to the hairdressers for a trim last week. I say ‘dragged’ myself because I hate getting my hair cut, usually because I’ve had so many bad experiences at the hairdressers in the past but at the moment it’s because for the last year I’ve been trying to grow my hair. The last time I had a trim was November and up until lately it’s been looking great and growing lots, and then I started noticing that the growth had slowed down and the ends were looking very uneven and frazzled.. So I decided it was time for a trim.
I’ve always thought it was a bit of a myth that you need a trim every 6-8 weeks in order to grow your hair really long, it seems so counter-productive, but the stylist told me that if split ends are not trimmed away, they’ll work their way further up the hair shaft causing breakage higher up, giving the effect that your hair just isn’t growing because so much of it is breaking and making it look shorter. I’ve promised myself to go get half an inch of my hair every couple of months going forward, but having done a little research, I’ve found there are other things that can help keep your hair in great condition to reduce breakage and split ends, and they really work.
Don’t wash your hair everyday
Up until recently I was really bad for this, I’d shampoo and condition my hair daily and then blast it with my hairdryer. Doing this daily is quite damaging to your hair, not only because when you wash you hair you’re washing away your hair’s natural oils, but also because using a hairdryer everyday is damaging due to the heat. Try and go a few days between washing your hair (don’t even rinse with water – wet hair is weak hair) and use dry shampoo between washes.

DO use a hairdryer, DON’T use it on the highest temperature
You heard me right, using a hairdryer is actually better for your hair than letting it air-dry. That’s because when your hair is wet the hair shaft expands making it weaker and it exposes porous areas and more likely to break. Leave it about 15 minutes after washing your hair and then use your hairdryer but use it on the coldest setting. It will take longer but it’s a lot kinder to your hair and will leave it feeling much softer.

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet 
Just don’t do it, it’s the biggest cause of breakage as your hair is so much weaker when it’s wet. I personally don’t do anything with my hair until it’s completely dry.

Only shampoo your roots and only condition your ends
This is the best tip I’ve ever had, since practising this my hair has been super soft on the ends and I’ve been able to go between washes without dry shampoo some days as my hair hasn’t been greasy at all. Shampoo is super drying so it’s essential for having softer, better moisturised ends.

Invest in a straightening iron that is proven to be less damaging
If like me you must use hair straighteners to stop your hair flicking out in random places or if you just love styling your hair with heat then I’d recommend buying a styling tool that is proven to be less damaging. Take a look at GHD’s new Platinum Styler. I’ve just treated myself to a pair and I have to say I’m very impressed. They operate at just 180 degrees and give your hair a super glossy finish. GHD claim this styler reduces breakages by 50%.

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