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The Power Of Candles

There’s something so therapuetic about lighting tea lights on a chilly winter evening. Especially if it’s been a particularly long day at work. Lately I’ve found myself lighting more candles than ever. I have three tea light holders in the living room and at the moment I’m lighting candles in them almost every evening. For me those warm, flickering flames never fail to make me feel all fuzzy inside and help me to de-stress. It got me thinking about why so many of us love candles, and what benefits they bring to our mind and body.

The calming affect of candlelight

The soft flame of a candle is enough to relax most people. Having lit candles in a dim or dark room reduces stress and produces a calming affect on the body. I always feel it within minutes of lighting a candle! Not only does the candlelight help us to unwind, but some people feel they are able to reach a meditative state much more easily when in the presence of candles. This is because the delicate illumination increases self-awareness. I love tea lights in particular because they look so pretty scattered around the house and let off a romantic vibe. They’re also unbelievably cheap to buy meaning I can spend my money on adorable tea light holders like these Decorative Cream Tealight Lanterns¬†instead. How cute?!

Aromatherapy is a natural healer

Around the rest of the house I have some large, jarred scented candles that smell stunning when lit. For me they are more ‘special occasion’ candles that I’ll light when I fancy a little treat! Aromatherapy is a natural healer and certain scented candles contain a variety of oils extracted from plants, flowers and herbs. Depending on the oils used, they can produce antiviral, antibiotic and other therapeutic benefits to the body when inhaled through the nose. Think of how lavender has sleep-inducing properties, for example. This Lavender and Lovage Scented Candle by Jo Malone contains lavender oil and is perfect for winding down after a stressful day (plus Jo Malone products are always so aesthetically pleasing!).

Sensual candle therapy has been around for years

Thousands of years, actually. Sensual candle therapy refers to lighting specific candles in order to achieve a desired spiritual affect. The scents and colours of the candles change to symbolise what the person would like to achieve from the session. For example, white candles are lit to destroy negative energies and promote peace, truth and purity. Personally it’s not something I’ve ever put much thought into when purchasing candles but I do like the idea of using candles for spiritual benefits. If you’d like to give it a go for yourself you can buy Candle Therapy: The Magical Guide to Life Enhancement by Catherine Riggs-Bergesen to get started. It’s available on Kindle too.

There you have it, candles are the ultimate at-home relaxation. Their flickering flames and beautiful scents help us to completely chill out and unwind. They look lovely around the house too! What’s not to love?

Do you embrace the power of candles at home?

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