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Tips For Getting Fuller Eyebrows

Just how do you get thicker eyebrows? A question that any girl born in the 90’s probably wants answered after all of that over-plucking we all did back when slender brows were a thing, apparently (sorry brows!).
I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I have super full eyebrows because frankly, I don’t, but I did however pluck my eyebrows to within an inch of their life when I was about 13 until I was about 17 and I have managed to get them back to a reasonable fullness. My eyebrows are at a point now where I am quite happy with them. So how did I do it?

Step away from the tweezers!
Put them away and don’t even think about using them for at least a good few months. This is not the easiest thing to do at the  start, especially when you’re used to plucking your brows on a regular basis as your regrowth will likely be messy and unruly, but if you’re serious about getting thicker eyebrows then you really have to leave them alone for a fair amount of time. No shaping, no plucking, no waxing, no nothing!

Find the natural shape of your brows
Once you’ve left your brows alone for a good 3 months or so you can begin to find the natural shape of them somewhat. This doesn’t mean going crazy with your tweezers, after all that’s what got you in this mess. But by now hopefully you should have seen regrowth, enough so that you can neaten your eyebrows up but still keeping much of the new hair. You literally just want to follow the natural shape of your brows and neaten them up a little to enhance them. If you haven’t seen enough regrowth to do this yet then just pluck away any really odd stray hairs like the ones really low down on your brow bone and the ones between your brows (nobody likes a mono-brow) then leave them for another couple of months until you have enough regrowth to work with.

Repeat and repeat (and repeat some more)
There really is no quick way to grow your eyebrows fuller, you just need to leave them the hell alone so repeat step two until you get a consistency you like. After a good 18 months of me starting this process I still have sparse patches in my brows, but they are getting less and less so as time goes on. I’m still seeing results every few months or so. It just goes to show how long term then damage is from over-plucking and waxing.

If your brows are fair, consider tinting them
One of the main problems with my eyebrows is that they are very light in colour, meaning that even though my brows are much thicker now, they still aren’t as deep and defined as I’d like them to be. I started tinting my brows at home about a year ago and every time I do it I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, especially as they are getting that little bit thicker as time goes by – each time I tint them they look better. I use Eylure’s Dark Brown eyebrow tint. It’s cheap to buy and lasts ages!

So there you have it, some no-nonsense advice for getting thicker brows. Nothing new, just honest and tried and tested by yours truly!

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