6 Tips For Healthier Skin

It goes without saying that your skin is really important. Not only is it the biggest organ in your body and the protective wrapping for everything inside, but it is also a part of your body that is always on show. So if you are unable to feel comfortable with your skin, it can cause problems – but it doesn’t have to! Here are my top tips for healthier skin!

Effortless Steps To Healthier Skin

Always wear sunscreen

If you’re going outside and your skin is going to be on show, then you should really wear sunscreen. I know it’s a pain, but not only can it protect your skin from premature ageing, sunburn and even acne, it can prevent skin cancer. So although it may take a little longer to add it to your beauty routine, you absolutely must, for the good of your skin.

Remove your makeup every night

We’ve all been tempted to leave our makeup in after a heavy night out, but it is one of the worst things you can do for your skin! It will clog your pores and make blackheads and blemishes more likely to appear. Take the time to take it off!

Use a spot treatment

If despite your best efforts to look after your skin, you still end up with spots, clear blemishes with an acne spot treatment that blends beautifully with your skin. Not only will it cover the problem in the short-term, but it will also treat it long-term. We all get spots and blemishes from time to time – they’re nothing to be embarrassed about and so easy to hide if you want to!

Feed your skin

Most of the people you see who have really good skin probably don’t just have great genes or access to some secret lotions and potions that me or you don’t know about. The chances are they eat the right foods for their skin. A diet that’s rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts, fatty fish and plenty of water quite literally feeds the skin and gives it a healthy glow that it’s hard to achieve using creams. I often find that if I’ve had a bad week of eating (lots of sugar and junk food) then it’s more likely to result in a breakout!

Work with your skin type

We don’t all have the same kind of skin. Some of us struggle with oil, others with dryness, some a combination of the two. If you want to make the most of your skin, you need to ensure that you use skin care products such as facial washes, lotions, scrubs etc. that are formulated for your type of skin. Work with your skin rather than against it!

Moisturise daily

No matter what your skin type, you must moisturise everyday! Moisturising daily softens the skin and prevents dry patches which can help to combat future wrinkles and fine lines. Hot water and steam strips moisture from the skin, so using a good face cream after showering or taking a bath will help replenish any moisture lost.

What do you do to keep your skin healthy?

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