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5 Ways To Avoid A Hangover This Christmas

Eat, drink and be merry – the mantra most of us live by at Christmas. I’m not actually going to be at home much this Christmas so I haven’t done much of a Christmas food shop this year, but I do have 4 bottles of Prosecco in my fridge (another reason why it’s always good know a few ways to avoid a hangover!).

Admittedly, they were all given as gifts from work colleagues (which I am in no way complaining about) but it got me thinking about hangovers. If you’ve ever been drunk on Prosecco or Champagne then you’ll know how awful they can leave you feeling the next morning.

As no doubt many of us will be over-indulging on lots of fizz and other booze this season, I’ve put together a few tips I’ve picked up on how best to avoid those dreaded hangovers this Christmas.

Take multivitamins and supplements

This is something I read about not too long ago. I’ve tried it twice and both times it seemed to have done the trick. Because alcohol is a diuretic, you loose vitamins and nutrients when you drink. By taking multivitamins before you start drinking, you’ll help your body replenish any nutrients it will lose throughout the night meaning you’re less likely to feel rough in the morning.

Supplements such as red ginseng, prickly pear and ginger have also been proven to reduce the likelihood of a hangover when taken before drinking begins.

Drink plenty of water

An obvious one, but we all know that dehydration is the main cause of a banging headache the day after the night before. Drink plenty of water before you start drinking and throughout the night to stay hydrated.

Get enough sleep

I know most will be rushed off their feet this Christmas visiting family and what-not, but another way to ensure you don’t feel rough after a night (or day) on the booze is to get a full night’s kip. Alcohol is essentially a poison to the body, and your body needs time and rest to flush out the toxins that alcohol contains. The more sleep you get, the better you’ll feel in the morning.

Stick to white spirits

This is one that I swear by on a night out. Whenever I stick to vodka or gin I always tend to feel much better in the morning. That’s because white spirits contain far fewer impurities and toxins than dark spirits, beer and wine. This means your body can process the alcohol much easier.

Avoid fizz

Prosecco has been the go-to celebratory drink for the last few years now, and there’s no sign of it going anywhere any time soon (just ask my fridge). When it comes to hangovers though, the likes of  Prosecco and Champagne are the worst. It’s all in the bubbles – they increase the rate that alcohol is absorbed into the blood causing terrible hangovers.

What do you swear by to avoid hangovers? Leave a comment below!

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